Degas, Edgar (1834-1917) - Lorenzo Pagans and Auguste de Gas, the Artist's Father, 1871-72,  Musee d'Orsay, Paris
Lefebvre, Jules Joseph (1836-1911) - Girl with a Mandolin
Hollyer, Eva (1865-1943) - A Difficult Passage, Private Collection
Mount, William Sidney (1807-1868) - The Banjo Player, 1856
Master of the Female Half Lengths (1490-1540) - The Musicians, 1530-40, Liechtenstein Museum, Wien
W e l c o m e !

I've collected  the images in this archive for many
years  and  got them through exchange and from
a lot of  music/artsites  on the net.  In the menues
under  I  have added  all the sources I know.  On
many sites  You  can find  highresolution  images 
and some offers prints in various formats.  

I  have  resized   the  images  to  'screen-format'. 
They are  all  in low resolution up  to 200 kb,  but
of good viewable quality. 

This site is  non-commercial with  an educational 
purpose.   If anyone still  have objections  to  the
use of certain images,   please inform  me  and  I
will immediately remove them.         
Hamdi Bey, Osman (1842-1910) - The Musician Girls, 1880
Silvestre, Louis (1675-1760) - An Allegory of Hearing
Signorelli, Luca (1441-1523) - The Elect, detail, ca 1500

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