The  Music offered here  is for personal  use  and  private study,  not for publication.   No  charges are  made  nor monetary gain comes from the
music on  this site.   Generally speaking copyright  rest  with  the  composer/author  and  remain in force to  the benifit of his estate until 70 years
after his death.  However visitors to this site will notice that nearly all of the  music is in the public domain.

The contemporary pieces provided are available by arrangement  and permission of the composers. If any breach of  copyright has inadvertently
occurred it will be corrected immediately after notification to the e-mail address on the site.

The  Images Archive consists  of over  4000 figurative artworks featering  a wide variety of  instruments from the  lute- guitar and harp
families, ancient and modern.

On   this  website  You  will  find  a  big collection  of   free scores  (mostly easy/intermediate level)  for  both sologuitar  (ca 80%)  and ensemble 
(ca 20%).  Together with every score follows a  midi-file (or MP3).   

The  scores are  engraved with the notationprogram Sibelius (standard notation), by me. I'm an amateurguitarist.  My name is Dag Arve Lindsetmo. 
I Live in Ski Kommune,  Norway. 

All  musical  periods  are  represented  from renaissance  to  contemporary.   The  collection  contains many  etudes  and educational  pieces, but
also  "repertoire-pieces"  and   transcriptions.  You  will  find  music  of  well-known  composers  like  Thomas Robinson,  Sylvus Leopold  Weiss,
Fernando Sor,   Dionisio Aguado,  Matteo Carcassi,  Ferdinando Carulli and Francisco Tarrega, but  also  of more unknown composers like James
Hook,   Andrei Sychra,   Henrik Rung,    Vladimir Morkov,  Felix  Horetzky,   Nikolai Alexandrov,   Hillarion Leloup,   Joaquin Casanovas  and  Adam
Unknown (20th century) - Spanish Couple, ca 1910

K l a s s i s k g i t a r . n e t
Edelfelt, Albert (1854-1905) - An Old Tune
Courbet, Gustave (1819-1877) - Guitarrero, 1844
Zermati, Jules (active 1880-1920) - The Guitar Player
Loose, Basile de (1809-1885) - Tuning the Guitar, 1863
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